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Games come and go but Dragon City are still trending strong across all game platforms. With the total numbers of 255 different types of dragon so far, this game can surely keep their entertain for a very longtime. In the other hand, this also mean that there will be a great amount of players who will search for dragon city cheats. Other than gold and gems, food is one of the resource you need for training your dragon to be battle ready. You as a players who also known as "Dragon Masters", must need to know how to hack dragon city in order to make sure feeding, raising and building necessary buildings is not a problem. Don't forget the main objective of this game is to breed dragons and defeat you enemies. When you need to upgrade your dragon city base or to feed your dragon, you will need a lot of gold. Some players prefer to collect all 255 types of dragons. There are few ways to get different types of dragon, one can either crossbreed whatever dragon they have or feed the dragon food to force them evolve. Without a great quantities of gold, most player struggle to level up and no choice but to use gems.

Dragon City Hack Generator Dragon City Hack Generator

Even though gold is one of the most important resource in dragon city, gems is the key to dominate this game. Gems is the ultimate because using gems can buy virtually any in-game items even gold. Most high ranking players use cheats for getting dragon city gems. You can easily find tons of youtube videos sites and blogs talking about how to cheat dragon city, most of them are does not work anymore. That's why we create this web based cheat engines which support android, ios and windows pc. With just a simple few steps, anyone can generate unlimited amount of dragon city gems. If you only need a small amount of gems, gold or food, i will suggest you just grind your way through the game because that will be no survey involved. The reason is simple, we make this dragon city hack tools for players who are really passionate about this game. This is why a verification is needed to ensure no one is abusing this working method.

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Remember folks, this is an web based application which will work on android, iphones and windows pc. But we suggest you to use this tool on Chrome. The first step is go to the generator page, fill in the required information in the form and click generate. If your account are connected to Facebook, you will need to login to your facebook account on chrome before starting use this cheat dragon city. For those who look for dragon city hacked apk download version, sorry there are no longer available due to users repeatly abuse the system. Which lead to us thinking, how to create a game changing cheat dragon city online that can prevent players over used it. When you are on the generator page, simple follow the instruction on page. You will see a form that needed to be filled like username and the amount of dragonc city cheats for gems, gold and food. Please do not enter amount lower than 1000 and higher than 999,999.

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There are once a method that can make dragon city breeding cheats possible, but they patched it. Back in the day when breeding cheats still working, anyone can create all 255 different types of unique powerful dragons. Now with the latest update, all we left are dragon city hack gems. What makes us different from the other is we have 2 coder who constantly code and check for new update and making sure our tools work flawlessly. Dragon city cheat bot are still working though. If automating your dragon habitat resource collecting are what you looking, you will get the download link right after the generating process finish. When you unlock pvp mode, you will need to train your dragon stronger than before. So most players choose our dragon city free gems apk to help them hack their way to success.

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